Mẹ Cứu Giúp


A minister was talking to a group of youngsters at the church Sunday school. “What can we do for God?” he asked them. “God has done so much for us. He even gave us his Son.”
A small boy eagerly spoke up, “I’ll give him my sister.”

This is really a holy season. We started with Thanksgiving Day, then the four weeks of Advent, and Christmas. Today we start the first day of the year to honor the Blessed Virgin Mary, the Mother of God.  Mary is primarily a believer who has been with Jesus from his conception, to his birth, his infancy, childhood, and manhood. She continues as a believer after his death and is present when Jesus' promise of the Spirit is given at Pentecost. There is no single person who ever has had such a close relationship with Jesus and faithfully cooperated with God in all of these stages of His life and that of his Church.


On the day she received the annunciation from the archangel, she humbly submitted herself to do God’s will, "I am the handmaid of the Lord, be it done to me according to your words." She made herself available to God without reservation. And she placed her completed trust in God and let God unfold his plan while she faithfully carried out her commitment. She had no idea that she had to go back to the city of David with her husband to register at the time she was about to give birth. She had no idea that they would not be able to find a decent place to give birth to God’s child. She did not know that she had to flee the country because Herod and his soldiers were seeking to kill her son. She just knew that she was the mother, and she had to do everything a mother should do to protect her child. She continued to raise Jesus the way she knew how.  

She was a young woman who was filled with faith, courage, freedom and openness. She represents a special path to understanding God because she was an earthly mother who said yes and accepted God's will willingly. She is the model for all of us, especially those who are mothers. Sadly in our modern age, there are so many women in our society who do not want to be mothers. There are mothers who are ready to go to the abortion clinics to terminate the life of their own children. Our government is also acting like Herod. Government officials are making laws and policies to encourage abortions and paying for abortions. More than ever, we need to have mothers who are willing to do everything to protect the life of their children as the Blessed Mother did.

Mary was not only there to protect her child. She was  also there to help people in need. At the Wedding reception in Cana, when the couple ran out of wine, Mary was there to help them. She asked Jesus to help them. It is important to listen to her advice, “Do whatever He tells you." (Jn 2:5). That was what she told the servants at the wedding; and that is what she continues to tell us today.

Do Whatever He Tells You

Many people are being swayed easily through the media and commercial. Companies are spending a lot of money to study the market. Marketing is a big business. One effective way to convince people is to use celebrities to sell different products. For example, Nike Shoes Company hired Michael Jordan, the famous basketball player to do commercial for the company. Many young people think that because Michael Jordan wears Nike shoes and recommends Nike shoes, it should be the best shoes. We are in the presidential primary campaign. Candidates are using celebrities and political figures to endorse their candidacy. The more powerful and famous people endorse a candidate the better chance he or she is going to win. In our spiritual life, Mary, God’s most favor person, is endorsing Jesus Christ; and she is recommending us, “Do whatever he tells you.” As we start another new year, it is our custom to make some resolution for the year. We might want to make resolution to listen to Mary’s recommendation to make ourselves more available to God and to others. There are many different ways we can make ourselves available to God and to others.

  1. Make time for prayer
  2. Practice forgiveness
  3. Celebrate the Eucharist
  4. Live a just life
  5. Help the poor
  6. Be a domestic church
  7. Share your faith
  8. Join a small Christian Community
  9. Know your faith.


A man went into a jewelry store. He saw a precious pearl and wanted to buy it.
He said, "I want this pearl. How much is it?"
"Well," the seller says, "it's very expensive."
"But how much?"
"Well, a very large amount."
"Do you think I could buy it?"
"Oh, of course, everyone can buy it."
"But didn't you say it was expensive?"
"Well, how much is it?"
"Everything you have," says the seller.
"All right, I'll buy it."
"Well, what do you have?" The seller wants to know.
"Well, I have ten thousand dollars in the bank."
"What's else? Nothing more?"
"Well, I have one hundred and twenty dollars in my pocket."
"That's fine. What else do you have?"
"Well, nothing. That's all."
"Where do you live?"
"In my house. Yes, I have a house."
"The house too, then."
"You mean I have to live in my camper?"
"You have a camper? That too."
"I'll have to sleep in my car?"
"You have a car? That too! What's else?"
"Well, you already have my money, my house, my camper, my car, what more do you want?"
"Are you alone in the world?"
"I have a wife and children."
"Oh yes, your wife and children too. What else?"
"I have nothing left. I am left alone now."
"Oh, I almost forgot! You yourself, too! Everything becomes mine - wife, children, house, money, cars and you too."

God wants you!

Fr. John Kha Tran